Legs, bums and tums

Tone up and firm up with whole body conditioning

No classes until 13th June

I’m taking a 2 week break during the lead up to my daughters wedding. Classes will commence from 13th June and can still be booked in advance.

Class introduction

This is a conditioning class using hand weights, designed to strengthen and tone the whole body. Alternatives are given to encourage participants to work to their own level.

Pre-covid I supplied all fitness equipment, but I would now ask you to please bring your own weights to class, plus a mat. I encourage participants to work with weights that are heavy enough to challenge you and produce results, but if you’ve not worked with weights before, or prefer to use light ones, I can advise you as to which size to get.

And don’t forget to bring a drink of water – and plenty of enthusiasm!

Please bring your own mat and weights. It is essential to pre-book on to the class to ensure your place.

Class benefits

  • Condition the whole body with cutting edge exercises
  • Hand-weights used to tighten and tone arms
  • Build better bone
  • Designed to rev up metabolism to aid weight loss
  • Suitable for mixed levels of ability