Here are a few words from my lovely clients

“I have been attending Julie’s Monday evening Fitness Pilates class as my back was hurting with muscular tightness that I could not shift – I am a gardener doing hard work outside, e.g. digging, cutting hedges, heavy lifting.  I have tried expensive chiropractor and massage treatments, but finally found that Pilates is the best thing I have ever done for my back health.  When I leave the class I feel happy and relaxed.  There is a great friendly atmosphere in the class.  And last but not least, Julie is a fantastic teacher.  She makes it such fun to exercise that it’s a pleasure to go every week.  I have unfortunately relocated to Maidstone and now miss Julie’s class a lot.”

Anne D

“I joined Julie’s Monday evening Fitness Pilates class a couple of months ago on the recommendation of a friend.  I had done yoga before but not pilates and wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the class is absolutely great.  The atmosphere is lively and friendly and Julie is an excellent teacher, who ensures everyone gets a good workout whilst taking the exercise at the pace their own body can manage.  She also makes it fun, which is so important and I feel that the exercises are already starting to do some good.  I find the early evening class fits well with my day’s routine and the location at the Haven Centre is easy as it has its own car park.”

Carolyn B

“Julie thanks so much for all your treats!

It gives me real pleasure to add a few thoughts in support of Julie Nottingham and her fitness training and health awareness classes.  I have been attending the Wednesday evening Men’s Fitness class at the Haven for several years.  Julie’s gentle encouragement to ‘do what you can and work to your own level’ is for me very welcome.  The improvement in my physical fitness and general health has been very noticeable.  I have also attended Pilates classes on Monday evenings at the Haven and Friday mornings at Felbridge Village Hall since Julie qualified in the subject.  ‘What’ I hear you say, ‘a man attending Pilates’.  Yes, and I am not the only one.  One day we might outnumber the females.  Seriously, Pilates had helped me to recover from a triple hernia and find a new suppleness and easing of back pain.  I appreciate the gentle stretching and careful movement which is part of the class.  Thanks Julie, you’re not (very) scary and you have helped my general health and wellbeing spectacularly.  I almost feel young again!”

Malcolm C

“Julie has a real talent for making everyone enjoy her classes. She knows all the bits we want to reduce or tone up and encourages each of us to work to our own abilities. Her enthusiasm is catching and you leave the class feeling stretched, re-energised and a bit fitter!” 


“I have been attending Miss Julie’s Older Adult Classes since September 2003 and enjoy every single minute. The health benefits are numerous and you feel really good about yourself after each class. I have made many new friends since joining the classes and can honestly say that a good time is had by all. Miss Julie thinks of us all the time and runs her classes as ‘Pay as you Go’ with a ‘loyalty’ scheme, which is very helpful when you are an older adult. We have a Christmas and a Summer lunch each year which is great fun. There is no doubt that Miss Julie’s classes can be recommended and thoroughly enjoyed.”


“What better way to start the week than coming to Miss Julie’s Older Adults’ Class each Monday. We may be older adults but we are young at heart, and with Julie’s expert tuition and encouragement we spend an hour mobilising and strengthening our bodies to all sorts of great music. I, like several others, so enjoy this class at Felbridge Village Hall that I go to the Haven Centre on Friday mornings for a second helping! I feel really invigorated at the end of each class and it’s not just the exercise that’s enjoyable – it’s the friendly atmosphere and all the fun we have together. So if there’s anyone out there wondering whether it’s for them, I’d say come and give it a try. You’ll feel so much better for it both physically and mentally, and you’ll probably make lots of new friends.”


“Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your classes. It is so good to be allowed to work at my own speed and fitness level and I feel much stronger already. The Pilates class was a revelation to me. I am amazed how much it makes the muscles work and can see how it will improve my core strength. I am very happy to recommend you and have already done so to a friend who I hope will be joining in very soon. My grateful thanks to you for fun classes, the very affordable ‘pay as you go’ and loyalty scheme.”


“As you know I have attended your Monday morning class for a few years now and always come away with that ‘feel good factor’.  I can work at my own pace, some days high impact and some days low, depending how the body feels, but always getting a good workout.  I would recommend your class to anyone who wants a fun, all over workout.”

Carole B

“I have attended Miss Julie’s Older Adult classes on Mondays at Felbridge Village Hall and on Fridays at the Haven Centre, Crawley Down since retiring in July 2008. I have found the classes very pleasant and enjoyable with Miss Julie’s expert tutoring throughout.  She has very carefully guided me through muscular injuries and given me excellent advice to ensure that I work out at the correct level.  Miss Julie makes you feel at ease and I always feel the benefit of the exercises.  Miss Julie has an extremely good sense of humour and the hour passes very quickly because it is fun as well as beneficial to health.  These classes suit both ladies and men equally and I would strongly recommend them to all older adults, no matter what fitness level you are at.  Come along and give it a try, you will be most welcome!”

Paul S

“Dear Miss Julie, I think that your fitness class is simply great. It keeps me ‘on my toes’ physically and mentally. The feel-good factor is an extra bonus!”

Peter C

“I have been attending Miss Julie’s Exercise classes for the Older Adult for nearly four years now – the classes are great fun, friendly and Julie is excellent at motivating and encouraging each and every one of us.  She is a superb instructor, always enthusiastic, and never waivers in her goal of ensuring that we all get the maximum out of every class.  She is a complete professional, very knowledgeable and always keeps the classes varied and entertaining.  Every session is geared towards our own individual ability and level.  The classes go so smoothly and Julie makes it look so easy to lead us BUT this, I am sure, is due to her dedication and hard work at constantly improving her own skills and her thorough preparation in advance of the classes.  She gives us so much information and is always so cheerful – it is impossible to come away from a class without feeling better, fitter and with a smile on your face!  I have recommended her to several friends and even persuaded my husband to come along – the workouts are now a regular part of his weekly activities now too.  We both benefit from the exercise and Julie’s many tips.  Julie also organises some social events and the Christmas lunch get-together when she keeps her promise not to mention our abs once!   The pay-as-you-go and loyalty schemes are both wonderful and mean that the cost of the classes is kept very reasonable indeed.”

Kerri S

“I’ve been attending Julie’s Pilates classes at Felbridge Village Hall for two years after advice from my GP due to back problems. Well, thanks to Julie, I no longer have issues with my back. I thoroughly enjoy every class and Julie’s training style is second to none! I can highly recommend Julie’s classes, as they’re for every level of fitness and she has great advice if you need it. Lots of treats with Pilates equipment keeps the classes exciting and Julie always comes up with something new. Thank you, Julie!”

Turi S