April 2021

Hi wonderful class member

If I haven’t seen you at my online classes, I hope you are continuing to stay well, and are managing to keep active with some homework during these times – at least Spring is here with the recent glorious weather, so getting outside has never been more enjoyable.

I am continuing to run my online classes as follows :

Monday : 9.30 am Weights + Fitness Pilates

Wednesday : 9.00 am – Morning Stretch class

Wednesday  : 2.30 pm  Seated Fitness class

Friday  : 9.30 am Fitness Pilates…………..all via Zoom

I have also taught a few one-off masterclasses with the stability ball, and intend to do so again occasionally, or with the stability roll, times to be decided upon general feedback, so watch this space!

So if you are able to download the Zoom app, and would like to take part in my online sessions, please contact me by email to let me know.

There will be a short break in online classes at the beginning of June, as explained below.

Re classes back at the halls :

Currently, government guidelines state that adult indoor exercise classes can resume from the 17th May………..HOWEVER……….very frustratingly, my left knee has now become so very painful that I can hardly walk.  (The benefits of Zoom, I can still continue to teach either seated or just using my voice)…..and I have now been booked in for total knee replacement surgery on the 28th May.

So I will not be returning any of my classes on the 17th May, I have to self isolate the following week anyway prior to my surgery.  Whilst I resumed driving and teaching classes very quickly after my first knee, I feel this time I must take enough time to fully recover – the guidelines post op are at least 6 weeks before physical work.  I am therefore anticipating resuming some – not all – of my hall classes from mid-July.

Of course the benefits of Zoom are that I can continue to teach my online classes up to and including the 26th May whilst I am isolating – I may even throw in an extra session on the 27th to keep you all going – and can resume my online classes safely from home much quicker into my recovery.

I will also record a few of my last online classes before my op, so that you have some homework to – dilligently! – get on with. No need to thank me…….!

I am of course very sorry, – and as mentioned above, frustrated – that this has happened now, but I am hoping that after more than 12 months of lockdown, that another few weeks without face to face classes won’t drain your patience too much, and I thank you for your understanding.

I will of course keep my website updated regarding my recovery and classes back, both online and halls.

So please do give my online classes a go in the meantime if you haven’t already……………and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries whatsoever about classes, or homework exercises you want to do.  I will always be able to answer emails or texts!

And for my seniors, I still have a few copies of my  Fitness for Seniors DVD available, if you contact me I can get any copies posted out.

As always, thank you so much for your support and understanding over this very, very difficult personal year I have had.

Remember, you are wonderful, keep moving, and I hope to see you soon.

My very best regards
Miss Julie x