December 2021

Hi wonderful class member

Hope you’re keeping safe and well – and active! Especially now the colder weather is with us.

Although I obviously enjoy teaching and seeing you all online, it has been great these last few months to see you face to face in the halls.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of all the covid regulations, and putting up with the cold blast as I continue to keep the halls well ventilated!! And also thank you for your co-operation in advising me beforehand if you can’t attend your class, so that the space can be given to someone on my reserve list.  It’s frustrating to have to cap the class numbers, but along with the open doors and windows, is the best way to keep the classes safe.  We’ll see what developments occur next year, but for now this system is working well, and thank you.

December classes are running up until the 17th. I hope you will then bear with me while I take an extended break over Christmas and the New Year.  After everything I’ve gone through with my bereavements, surgeries and other health issues these last 18 months, I really need a good break so that I can come back refreshed and firing on all cylinders to give you good classes with the latest exercises.  Classes will therefore resume from the 17th January.

A reminder of my class timetable :

9.15 am Fitness Pilates at the Felbridge Village Hall10.30am Active Seniors at the Felbridge Village Hall

9.30 am Legs Bums Tums weighted toning class at the Haven Centre


9.00 am Morning Stretch online via Zoom
2.30 pm Seated Fitness online via Zoom
6.30 pm Fitness Pilates at the Haven Centre

9.30 am Fitness Pilates online via Zoom

All classes are a full hour, except for the Morning Stretch which is 30 minutes.

Thank you for all your support and understanding over this last difficult year, and wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas with your families.  And if you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me.