July/August 2021

Hi wonderful class member

Hoping you are keeping well – and active! – and enjoying the summer. To give you an update on my knee surgery recovery, and classes back, I am now 8 weeks post op and although finally making some progress, my recovery is frustratingly so much slower than with my first knee replacement. Despite religiously doing all my physio, plus extra, I was only finally able to start walking cautiously without a crutch last week (as opposed to after 10 days with my first replacement!). I still have pain and swelling, and some stiffness, but thankfully nights are comfortable now.

I know I will gradually get there, and can see small improvements each week, but it doesn’t help that I keep comparing this surgery to my first. However, in hindsight I did return to my classes perhaps too soon after my first surgery.

I am currently teaching just 2 online Pilates classes a week via Zoom, from my sofa. I can only offer these classes, however, to my regular pre-covid clients, who are able to carry out each exercise from just my vocal instruction with no demos. I have decided that these are the only classes I am going to do over August, whilst I give myself as much time to fully recover and get myself back to class-teaching fitness.

I therefore am aiming to resume my full class timetable from September. This will be a new hybrid timetable, however, of some hall classes and some online, as I have had much positive feedback about my online classes during covid, and have promised to retain some of them.

I will update here with my proposed timetable at the end of August, when I will also email those who had asked me last year to be put on my class lists for any hall classes. I will need to find out if there will still be covid restrictions re class numbers, in which case my classes were already very over-subscribed, and I would need to organise an advance booking system. In an ideal double-jabbed cases-falling world, these restrictions will be lifted and I can return to my usual pay-as-you-go class system, but I will have to let you all know.

So in the meantime – keep moving! Any homework you can do would be brilliant, especially if you downloaded any of my Zoom recordings before my surgery. Even spending just 10 minutes a day doing some of my stretches will be beneficial.

If you have any queries in the meantime re classes or homework, pls don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your patience – have a lovely summer – and I will be back!!!